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Terms & Conditions

The Perfect Pressie is very happy to welcome you to our on-line shop.   Our website is filled with beautiful and gorgeous gifts as well as superb homewares, just waiting to be selected by you.

Before you do that however, we ask that you please read the following information very carefully, and ensure that you understand, and are happy with the content before you continue to browse the site, make a purchase, register your details or sign up to our newsletter.  

In proceeding with any afore mentioned actions you are agreeing to comply with and be bound by these terms and conditions.

When using this website, reference to “The Perfect Pressie”, “our”, “we”, or “us” is done so in relation to the owner of The Perfect Pressie, whilst the terms “you” and “your” refers to the customer.

When the terms “goods”, “item/s” or “product/s” are used, they are referring to anything that is for sale on this website, which is the property of The Perfect Pressie until such time that ownership has been passed to the customer.

Website Usage and Disclaimer

  • This website contains information and/or materials that are owned or licenced to The Perfect Pressie.  This includes, but is not limited to, its design, imagery; including photographs and graphics, appearance and look.  Under no circumstances is the copying of any element allowed, other than in accordance with the copyright notice that forms part of the terms and conditions.
  • The laws governing the use of this website, or any dispute arising from its use, are those of England, Scotland and Wales.
  • If this website, in whole or part, is used without prior authorisation it may give rise to a claim for damages and/or be a criminal offence which could result in criminal proceedings being taken against the perpetrator.
  • Whilst it may be considered flattering that a third party may wish to feature our website in promotional, daily or periodic publications, or link our website to another, we expressly forbid this without prior written consent.  This extends to any of our imagery used on our website.  We reserve the right to ensure that we are happy to be associated with any party/parties in question.  Failure to comply with this could result in legal action being taken against those involved.
  • Should we have given permission for a link to exist between our website and that of a third party, this does not mean that The Perfect Pressie in any way endorses that website, any of the material found within it, or their behaviour.  As a result, we accept no responsibility for any disputes that may arise.
  • The information and pictures contained within this website have been provided by ourselves in good faith, and are accurate to the best of our knowledge.

    We aim to provide full and accurate descriptions of our products.  In doing so, we focus on one of the items being described from our stock and report what we see in relation to that item.  As a result, there may be slight differences in colour, shape, size, pattern etc. to the one you receive. 

    Some of our products are handmade at source, therefore it is impossible for these to be completely the same, and as such, may differ slightly in colour, shape, size, pattern etc.

    Similarly, the pictures used within this website will be in relation to one of the items being depicted from our stock and, will in all probability, not the exact one that you receive.  Again, this will mean that the item you receive could differ slightly in colour, shape, size, pattern etc.

    Taking this into account, if you purchase anything from our on-line shop you are doing so with the knowledge that the information provided to describe our products, whether written or implied through images, is there for guidance purposes only, and choosing to make a purchase based upon the information provided is at your own risk.
  • Whilst we are confident in the companies that we have chosen to host our website and payment gateway, there may be times when technical issues arise for which they are responsible, and are not the fault of The Perfect Pressie.  Where this occurs, we take no responsibility for any issues caused by them.  This extends to any other third party that we may engage the service of in the future.

Territorial Limits

We apologise, but at the current time we are only able to accept orders from UK based customers, including the Channel Isles.  This extends to packets/parcels only being sent within the UK.

Pricing Policy

  • The Perfect Pressie is a retail on-line shop; all prices shown are inclusive of VAT at the current rate.
  • The price given against any of our products is for one piece, unless otherwise stated.
  • We reserve the right to change our prices at any time, without notice.  This includes any pricing errors we may notice, as well as putting items into, or taking items out of, a sale or special offer.
  • Some of our offers may be for a limited time, and will be withdrawn in accordance with the expiry date applicable.  Any purchases being made after the expiry of the offer code will not include the discount.  (Full information regarding the use of this voucher code, including details of this condition, will be provided when the voucher code is sent to you)

    Some of our offers may include the purchase of a featured product.  If this product is not included when you have completed the checkout process, the discount will not apply. (Full information regarding the use of this voucher code, including details of this condition and expiry of the promotion, will be provided when the voucher code is sent to you)

    Some of our offers may be for single use e.g. a percentage discount off of your first order, and will not work again if already used. (Full information regarding the use of this voucher code, including details of this condition and expiry of the promotion, will be provided when the voucher code is sent to you)

    Some of our offers may be for reduced or free delivery.  The delivery of items purchased using this promotional code must be to one address, and within the UK.  (Full information regarding the use of this voucher code, including details of this condition and expiry of the promotion, will be provided when the voucher code is sent to you)
  • For P&P charges – please see our “Delivery” page.  These prices are also subject to being amended without notice, as a result of increases to postal charges etc.


  • Before your order can be despatched we must receive full payment.
  • All payments must be made in £ sterling. 
  • This can be done via a number of payment methods.  We accept Visa, Visa Electron, Solo, Maestro, MasterCard and Visa Delta, as well as PayPal, personal cheque, and Postal Orders.

    To process our debit/credit card and PayPal transactions, we use secure gateway provider Sage Pay, and for your added protection we have activated 3D Secure.

    If an e-cheque is sent via PayPal, we will not despatch your order until we have received confirmation that this has cleared.

    If you wish to use a personal cheque or Postal Order please be aware that this will elongate the time that it will take for you to receive your order as we will need to have received this, and in the case of a personal cheque, we will need to have received notification that the it has cleared the banking process, before we can despatch your order.
  • Please note that we are unable to accept cash.
  • Should payment be withdrawn by you, after the goods have been despatched, for any reason, following the initial payment being made that lead to us despatching them, the goods issued will remain the property of The Perfect Pressie until such time that payment has once again, been received.

Placing an Order and Stock Availability

  • It is our policy to only sell stock that we physically have.  Therefore if an item proves popular, to the extent that we have exhausted our stock reserves, we will remove it from our on-line shop until such a time as we receive further stock.  We have taken the decision to do this as it may be some time before further stock is received, or it may have been discontinued by our supplier or it may be a line that we have decided no longer to stock.
  • Whilst it is not ideal, if we are unable to fulfil your order due to unforeseen circumstances e.g. we find prior to despatch that the item is damaged and no replacement is immediately available, we will contact you to advise and offer a solution.  This may be the substitution of an alternative product or a refund of the item we are unable to supply, whichever you prefer.
  • There will be no legally binding contact between us and you until there is consideration on the part of both parties.  This requires full payment to have been received from you and successfully processed.  Once we have allocated the required stock to you and despatched it to the delivery address provided by you, we will have honoured our part of the contract.  Only then will there be a contract that is legally binding.
  • We reserve the right to refuse any customer we do not wish to do business with.

Complaints Procedure

We strive to provide a very high quality of product, and pride ourselves on the customer experience that we deliver, but should anything not meet your expectations, please do not hesitate to contact us via our email address detailing the area of failure.

We are committed to achieving exceptional customer service and will take any complaint received very seriously.

Upon receipt of a complaint, an acknowledgement will be issued within 24 working hours and we aim to resolve any issues within 48 working hours.  (Please see our “Opening Hours” section contained within the FAQ’s page)

Every customer is important to us; we will endeavour to reach a satisfactory resolution for both parties.

Free Gift Wrap Service

We offer a FREE gift wrap service for any item that you purchase from us that is going to be a gift for a family member, friend or colleague. 

The paper used is generic i.e. it doesn’t state birthday or christening etc.

If you ask us to send a message with the gift to the intended recipient, we will do so using one of our gift tags.  These tags carry our website address.

We will only forward messages that we consider appropriate in content.  Should a request be sent asking us to forward a message we consider inappropriate, we reserve the right to amend it.